Our Story

What is iChurch?

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

iChurch is a URC service resourcing local churches with an online presence, a website. We believe that every church should have an online presence and we don’t want anything to be a prohibiting factor. Whether or not you have an expert webmaster, and even if you need us to design, run and update your site for you. If you want it, we will get your church online!

Following the closure of the Windermere Centre in May 2017, iChurch moved across from the Education and Learning department, to become part of the work of the Communications department. It goes hand in hand with the plethora of resources and services that the department provides to the United Reformed Church.

Since then, iChurch has continued to move with the times to remain relevant to the church, and to the advances in technology. Now, it boasts hosting provision with VTSDesign, extensive support through training (both ‘online’ and ‘offline’), FAQs, help sheets and our own online forum where you can ask your questions, as well as mutually support each other in delivering this area of God’s work.

We now host some 100 iChurch sites, with many more on the way!