Online Training

Sometimes it’s not convenient for you to attend a training course, so we also offer some training delivered online. It’s a different experience to attending a face-to-face course: you won’t get the benefit of time together with tutors and other site managers, bouncing ideas off each other and experimenting together, but it should give you the basics you need to get up and running, and as with all iChurch training, the content will be tailored to your needs. You can always attend a training course later on, too, if you wish.

Online tutorials usually last one hour each, and can be scheduled to suit you. We will set up the meeting and send you the instructions you need to participate. You will need to have a good connection to the internet in order to participate. If your computer or device doesn’t have a mic and speakers, it’s possible for you to join the meeting by telephone. Please contact Natasha to find out more, or to arrange a tutorial.

We also sometimes offer open tutorials, so anyone can join in. Details of any open tutorials that are currently scheduled will be listed below.