Hello iChurch forum users!

Dear iChurch forum user,

My name’s Dan Morrell and I’m helping the iChurch team.

You may have noticed that our website has undergone a few changes www.interactivechurch.org.uk and that we’re adding even more content to our Facebook page.

A few days ago, iChurch was recommended for use by all churches by the URC’s Mission Council. We expect to get busier as a result of this.

My email to you, is two-fold:

1. The support content, and forum itself from forumurc.org.uk is transferring to the interactivechurch.org.uk soon. One website with all of the information in the one place will make it easier for people to find. Details about how to get your username and password reminders, all resources including the How To videos, FAQs etc. have been transferred over to interactivechurch.org.uk and forumurc.org.uk will shut down in due course.

2. I would like to test the mind of the forum users as to whether the forum in this form is worth keeping? A forum is worth keeping, but is a website the place? One obvious suggestion is the Facebook group, which can be easier to use. The forum as-was, on forumurc.org.uk has been transferred in its entirety to interactivechurch.org.uk

So to summarise:

  • Do you want to keep a forum?
  • If so, do you want it to remain a web forum, or change it?
  • If not, please explain why?

I look forward to hearing from you,



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