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    After update to 4.7.5 we’ve had a spate, well 6, of spammish comments get through overnight
    I’ve now updated Akismit !

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    Hi Andy.

    Updating Akismet is definitely a good move – please keep all your plugins up to date at all times (I am aware that you tend to be on top of that, but I’m flagging it here in case it helps others).

    If you are getting a flurry of spam comments, the first port of call is Akismet – it’s there to protect you from spam. So, in the first instance, you need to go into your dashboard to ‘Comments’, and there click the ‘Check for SPAM’ button. Akismet will then do its thing and check all of the comments that have been posted to see if they are spam – it already filters lots out so they never reach your site, but occasionally some get through. By asking it to check them, you are helping it to learn what is getting through. It should then mark more of the comments as spam and remove them from your comments list. If there are still some there, then please manually mark them as SPAM yourself – again, this will go a long way to helping Akismet learn what it needs to be blocking.

    My experience has been that sometimes an individual site will come under this kind of attack – it tends to be a flurry for a few hours or days or weeks, and then it tails off again. If any of you are experiencing problems with receiving lots of spam comments for longer than a couple of weeks, or if there is an absolutely overwhelming flood of them, please contact me. Otherwise, the steps above should help you to be protected by Akismet for the majority of spam-type issues.

    I hope that helps.



    That is my experience Rebecca. Get a lot of spam for a few days and then it tails of for weeks or months, and then another week or so with quite a few. Usually they have absolutely nothing to do with the post they are supposed to be commenting on.

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