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    I’m wondering if actually we might end up talking about this a lot, so it might need its own board…hmmm. Anyway, will proceed as is for now, and see what develops – can always move the post if necessary (clever little forum plugin!).
    I thought people might be interested to see this post about SEO on – – a lot of it is relevant to us, though we’re on .org rather than .com sites, although there are some parts which we’ve had to put in ourselves (eg XML Sitemap) which is built automatically into a blog. I thought it was an interesting post, anyway, and with a few useful tips, too.

    One of the things it links to is the Google guide to basic SEO, which I thought it might also be worth posting here:
    – there you go! Actually, that might be less helpful and could cause confusion, perhaps, as a lot of the things it’s talking about are things that we don’t ever need to worry about since WordPress, and Jason’s fab themes, have already done almost all of the hard work for us. However, it does have some useful macro-tips, and some tweaks that people might want to think about, and is generally a good way of getting an overall picture of what we’re aiming for, I think.

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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