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    Dan Morrell

    Someone has suggested to me that we could put some quizzes on our website, say, for Easter, or maybe even a monthly quiz or wordsearch. Does anyone have any I could ‘borrow’ for use? Does anyone have any experience of doing this and the success rate? I’m hoping to increase our website hit rate.



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    Dan Morrell

    Hi BiscuitMaster!

    There are a few iChurch sites that have quizzes on; I’m afraid I don’t know about the success of these – but I always think it adds a nice personal touch.

    If I was looking for a quiz or something to put on a site, I’d probably just go Googling, but…can you press-gang anyone in your congregation to write the quiz for you? Again, the personal touch could really enhance things.

    I’ll be interested to see what anyone else posts on this topic, too!

    Dan Morrell

    Hi BiscuitMaster
    We’ve got a couple on out site… which you can cut and paste if you want: http://banktop.urc.org.uk/ > Fun and Games on the RHS.
    I can get the answers too – if needed! They’ve been up a while and I understand people enjoyed them when they went up – does make me think we should try again.

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