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    We’d like to be able to put our services on our website as videos. Can this be done, and if yes, how do I go about it?



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    Hi Ken – yes – great question! And yes please – I’m all for multimedia sites, and for sermons to be on sites.

    Basically, here’s how I’d do it:

    [*]Record the sermon, probably on something like an iPhone or an iPad
    [*]Edit the video, if I have video editing software – I’d do it in iMovies, but there are other, non-Apple ones out there! It’s possible to upload without editing, but even a minimal amount of editing (eg making sure the video starts and stops at the right moment) will make it look more professional
    [*]Then I’d upload the video to YouTube. You need to have set up your own YouTube account (or one for your church). It’s free and easy to do – just go to and follow the steps. Depending on how you recorded and edited the film, you may need first to convert it to a suitable file format.
    [*]Once it’s uploaded, your video on YouTube will display below it a little box saying ‘Share’. Here you will find the link to share the video. You can also get the embed code, but it’s easier to use the link these days. Copy the link, then…
    [*]Head to your website, and create a page or post where you are going to display the video. Wherever you want it to appear, paste the link – it’s as simple as that. Where you’ve pasted the link, you should see a visual of the video appearing in your editing pane, and when you publish – hey presto!

    I hope that’s helpful. I’d love to hear how you get on!

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