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    Dan Morrell

    I thought this might be worth posting, since a few people have gotten caught out with it.

    You can register by entering your details in the ‘New to the forum’ box on
    You need to click on the button that says ‘Registration’.
    That should take you through to a screen that looks like this: 90eb2e50-1190-4950-97d2-bc6914b48b29.jpg.

    This looks a lot like your /wp-admin sign-in screen, but it isn’t. Look at it closely: it requires you to enter a username of your choice (eg, Mr Brown, or Coolest Webmaster Ever, or CrazyJoan33…!) and your email address. Once you’ve submitted that information, WordPress will send you an email with a password that you can use (along with the username you entered above) to log into the Forum.
    You can then change your password by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’. You can also set your signature by going to ‘Edit Your Forum Options’.

    Hope that helps!

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