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    Rebecca kindly pointed me towards this very helpful article: which pointed out the error of my ways!
    On our site we just use categories and we mis-use them.
    I was particularly drawn to the analogy of a book where the Chapter Headings are Categories and the Index are the tags.
    So we need to tidy things up…
    My worry is found in the article and the line “they’re difficult to change later on without losing backlinks, search engines rankings, or littering your website with 404 errors.” And it’s the 404s which would drive me mad.
    We’ll have very little established linkage so is this likely to be a big problem?

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    No, if you don’t have a lot of links into specific pages on the site, it’s not really an issue for something like a church website – it’s far more of a worry for those bloggers & commercial sites where their Google reputation is a huge part of their presence – you should be fine. I would suggest you make the change, then just go through all of the site, including all the links, making sure that none of your own links are returning 404s. Unless someone somewhere has linked to a specific post, then you should be fine.

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